Claroty strengthens cybersecurity alliance with Rockwell Automation

Claroty strengthens cybersecurity alliance with Rockwell Automation

Claroty, a company specialising in protecting cyber-physical systems, has expanded its capabilities and alliance with Rockwell Automation, Inc., dedicated to industrial automation and digital transformation. This development includes adding Claroty’s SaaS-powered industrial cybersecurity platform, Claroty xDome, to Rockwell Automation’s international services portfolio.

Customers of Rockwell Automation will consequently gain access to Claroty’s comprehensive suite of on-premise and cloud-based Operational Technology (OT) security offerings. This includes Continuous Threat Detection (CTD) and Secure Remote Access (SRA). As OT networks increasingly intertwine with enterprise IT systems, they face emerging threats calling for more robust risk reduction strategies.

Industrial organisations are leaning towards cloud-based cybersecurity solutions for enhanced scalability and flexibility, continual monitoring, automated threat detection, and a reduction in total ownership costs. Such solutions introduce cybersecurity controls built to recognise, safeguard, observe, and optimise all OT assets, systems, and processes within industrial environments. They ensure a holistic and forward-thinking security program.

Claroty xDome offers extensive security coverage and integrated interoperability, coupled with deep bidirectional technology alliances. This partnership expansion emphasises Rockwell’s innovative stance in OT security by providing a cloud-hosted OT security solution to its customers.

Matt Kennedy, Vice President of Global Capabilities and Innovation, Lifecycle Services at Rockwell Automation, states: “In today’s rapidly digitising world, providing our clients with advanced, cloud-based OT security isn’t just a value-add; it’s a necessity.”

This move situates Rockwell in a pioneering role enabling secure digital transformation, underlining the company’s dedication to security and innovation. Kennedy further notes that partnering with Claroty constitutes “a significant milestone in our journey towards enabling enterprises with the tools they need to remain both competitive and secure.” He adds that combining Rockwell Automation’s services with Claroty xDome empowers industrial organisations with enhanced security, ensuring their digital transformation journey.

With the integration of xDome, Rockwell Automation’s global portfolio now comprises Claroty’s complete suite of industrial cybersecurity offerings. Together, these solutions deliver purpose-built cybersecurity controls enhancing the security of OT, Internet of Things (IoT), and Building Management Systems (BMS) assets, systems, and processes in industrial environments. This comprehensive partnership assures Rockwell Automation’s customer base receives protection and a holistic, future-proof security program.

CJ Radford, Global Vice President of Channels and Alliances at Claroty, states: “We’re thrilled to partner with Rockwell Automation and expand our offering to our joint customers.”

“Claroty’s strategic relationship with Rockwell Automation underscores our shared vision of providing industries with next-generation security solutions poised to take on the digital transformation era.”

“With Rockwell Automation’s impressive global footprint, we’re confident that more enterprises will now be equipped to tackle the cyber challenges of the modern age. And with the addition of xDome availability, customers can accelerate their time to value quickly with a low friction deployment,” says Radford. 

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