Everest Group Research: C-Suite Must Recognize Critical Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

Everest Group Research: C-Suite Must Recognize Critical Difference Between Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience

DALLAS, Aug. 29, 2023 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ — Everest Group is calling on enterprises to make the critical shift in focus from cybersecurity to cyber resilience. While cybersecurity focuses on safeguarding against threats, cyber resilience emphasizes the ability to withstand, respond and recover quickly from them.

Everest Group issues this call to action in its recently published “State of the Market Report” on cybersecurity services. The report focuses on differentiating cybersecurity from cyber resilience, emphasizing that these two concepts are often mistakenly considered synonymous in the business world.

“Cybersecurity is just one component of cyber resilience, but, unfortunately, many enterprises fail to understand the subtle difference,” said Kumar Avijit, practice director of Information Technology Services at Everest Group. “While a majority of C-suite executives concentrate on preventive controls and response, equal importance needs to be allocated to the recovery, revamp, and reinforcement stages of cyber resilience. For any business, having a comprehensive cyber resilience strategy is critical in safeguarding long-term viability and success.”

Everest Group rates current C-suite focus on the “5 Rs of cyber resilience” as follows:

These findings and more are detailed in Everest Group’s recently published report, “Cybersecurity Services State of the Market Report 2023: Cyber Secure to Cyber Resilient.” Download a complimentary abstract here.

The report provides an in-depth analysis of the global cybersecurity market, with special sections on North America and Europe. In addition, the report introduces a unique and easily understandable framework to assist enterprises, particularly the C-suite, in swiftly incorporating cyber resilience into their operations. Additionally, the report explores the implications for providers in key areas such as solutions, services, partnerships, talent, and engagement models, illustrating how they can enable enterprises to adopt cyber resilience.

Selected Highlights:

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