Have You Been Hacked?

Sometimes technology doesn’t always work the way it used to and it could be starting to show its age, and signalling that it is time for a replacement. However, some signs that makes it look like your machine is malfunctioning can also be a sign that you have been hacked.

Here are 6 things you should look out for that tells you your system is under attack:


When your computer begins to lag or run particularly slow, even if you are working offline, it is most likely because malware and other malicious software are running in the background of your device.

Data Usage

If you suddenly notice your data usage is much higher than normal, it is possibly because of a virus running behind the scenes, which is causing your device to visit sites and click ads without you knowing.


If your cursor is jumping all over the screen and does not respond to your movements or clicks, then a hacker is infiltrating your device. Your keyboard can also be affected in that it may not respond to typing.


Malware will prevent you from updating your antivirus software or even your operating system.


When you type a password you know off the back of your hand several times, taking extra care with the spelling, and it still doesn’t work, it is a good indication that a hacker has changed your password to prevent you from gaining access to your account. You can double check this theory by checking your mail box for any emails in your sent box that you didn’t actually send.


Your device will normally notify you when it is about to shutdown or restart. Therefore, if your device restarts without any prior notice, you’ve likely been breached.


In these moments, for peace of mind it is best to have an effective backup and recovery plan in place in case your device suffers a cyberattack.

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