Navigating the Future of Data Protection: Addressing Reality Gaps and Long-term Retention Challenges

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Hello again, I’m Richard Giddey, VP for the Asia-Pacific region at Actiphy. With an extensive history in storage and backup, I’ve been in the industry’s trenches, seeing its evolution firsthand. Today, let’s explore another critical dimension that directly impacts your data protection strategy—Data Protection.

The Imperative of Long-term Data Retention

Why Long-term Data Retention Matters

In a world propelled by technology, the guiding principles behind data retention have remained surprisingly constant. Approximately 98% of organizations are bound by various industry and regulatory mandates to maintain their data for long periods. The average time? Around 5.4 years.

The Cloud Misconception

While cloud storage is surging in popularity, organizations using it frequently fail to meet long-term retention mandates. The misconception? That cloud storage somehow nullifies or minimizes these long-standing requirements. This is far from true.

The Tape vs. Cloud Storage Debate

A Balanced Ecosystem

Tape is far from obsolete; about 50% of data remains in tape storage. Meanwhile, 63% of data spends some time in cloud storage. Most organizations adopt a three-tier approach for data retention:
– On-premises disk for 90–120 days
– Cloud storage for immediate and short-term needs
– Tape storage for long-term archival needs, especially where regulations dictate

Confronting Reality Gaps in Data Protection

The Two Types of Reality Gaps

1. The Availability Gap: This gap questions whether IT systems are durable and reliable enough to ensure uninterrupted business productivity.
2. The Protection Gap: This gap highlights concerns over the potential data loss even with backup measures.

The Cloud Paradox

Cloud solutions offer robust infrastructure but do not eliminate these reality gaps. For instance, Microsoft 365’s durable infrastructure facilitates seamless email but fails to fulfil seven-year data retention requirements for some industries.

Future-Proofing Data Protection

Key Takeaways

1. A modern data protection solution should comprehensively address long-term retention mandates.
2. Minimizing both availability and protection gaps should be a top priority.
3. Scalability and flexibility in backup solutions are desirable and essential.

As we navigate the future of data protection, it’s clear that a multi-faceted strategy is required—one that considers everything from long-term retention mandates to the reality gaps faced by today’s organizations.

Bio: Richard Giddey

Hello, and welcome to this blog series. My name is Richard Giddey, and I’m the Vice President for the Asia-Pacific region at Actiphy, a leading provider of data backup and disaster recovery solutions. With more than two decades in the technology industry, I’ve accumulated extensive experience in the storage and backup sectors.

A Walk Through My Professional Journey
Before joining Actiphy, I co-founded the APAC division of StorageCraft, a data recovery and backup company, scaling its footprint across the Asia-Pacific market. Before that, I held APAC roles at two other vendors, one of which was Exabyte Tape, a pioneer in tape storage solutions. These varied roles have given me a 360-degree view of the challenges and solutions in the data storage and backup world and enriched me with a deep understanding of the APAC market.

What Fuels My Passion?
The chance to solve real-world challenges excites me—whether that’s helping an organization prevent catastrophic data loss, ensuring seamless business continuity, or navigating through an increasingly complex compliance landscape.

Why This Series?
I’m here to share my insights and experiences to help you, the IT leaders, system administrators, and anyone who cares about safeguarding their organization’s most valuable asset: data. Expect practical advice, actionable insights, and a lot of demystified jargon as we navigate the world of data protection.

So, let’s embark on this journey together, armed with insights and strategies to protect your organization’s most valuable assets.

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