MSPs: Be a Backup And Disaster Recovery Hero!

Be a backup and recovery superhero with ActiveImage.

We understand that it’s not a matter of if you need business continuity and disaster recovery solutions (BCDR), but rather when you need them. Everyone knows that a superhero needs a sidekick and we are here for you when you need a trusted partner.

What Can ActiveImage Offer You?


Every great BCDR solution starts with a great backup. We offer backup solutions for Windows, Linux and Virtual Machines, as well as provide backup tools that will give you the ultimate peace of mind.

We work on the basis of ‘set it and forget it’, therefore our solutions include taking updated snapshots as often as every 5 minutes, and unlimited onsite, offsite and cloud backup replication, among other features.


Know you will be prepared for any disaster with ActiveImage testing tools. We offer you the chance to be smarter and more confident in your backup and recovery plans that your competitors by offering automated backup recoverability testing. How? ActiveImage Protector verifies the integrity of backup files by notifying you of boot failure.


ActiveImage solutions not only protect your data through flawless backups, but help you restore information in seconds. By mounting an image backup file as a virtual drive, you can have quick and convenient granular recovery of files and folders.

Business Continuity

Trusting in ActiveImage is the best thing you can do to ensure business continuity, since we cover all backup and recovery needs, as well as virtualisation, migration and emergency failover options. If you stick with ActiveImage, all of our solutions are fully integratable and work together seamlessly to create the best protection.

There is no need to look any further, ActiveImage can make you a backup and disaster recovery hero. With us, you know you will be able to recover, accurately, quickly and without losses when a disaster strikes. Contact us today for a demo or to start your 30 day trial.

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