MSPs: Going that Extra Mile for Your Clients

ActiveImage can help you go the extra mile for your clients.

ActiveImage can help you provide the best backup and disaster recovery solutions to your clients. However, it is not only the products and solutions on offer that need to be outstanding, but the customer service and satisfaction needs to be high. Clients who have a bad experience are more likely to find another service provider. To avoid creating a reputation of bad service and stop using more and more money to find new clients, here are 5 ways to help retain your clients and ensure good customer relations.

5 Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

  1. Many clients want a way in which they can easily look up their current IT problem and fix it themselves, without having to wait on a technician. By providing accurate and clear self-support resources, such as newsletters on relevant topics, or an educational client portal with ‘DIY’ guides, their relationship with your MSP will improve, as they see you as a helpful and efficient service provider.
  2. Keeping to your service agreements with regards to pricing, response and expectations is vital to ensuring the client has a good experience and is happy to stay within your client base, as they are getting what they pay for.
  3. Although your service agreement outlines what your client can expect of you, there is no reason why you can’t exceed expectations, especially when it comes to fast response. Look at how logging issues or your processes of escalation can be made more efficient.
  4. Most clients are also happy to pay extra if they know they are getting premium treatment. Think of how you can package solutions and create add-ons, such as after-hours support, office supply delivery and tiered backup and disaster recovery options.
  5. It is the little things that end up making the difference and ensuring you keep your client base. Consider calling clients to chat about your service, or inviting them to regular client appreciation events. Your clients will appreciate the gesture and be happy to have you as their service provider for the foreseeable future.

It costs less to keep your customers satisfied than it does to find brand new ones. Speak to us today about how our backup and disaster recovery solutions can help you keep your customers satisfied and enable you to keep on going the extra mile for them everyday.

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