Stellar Cyber Bridges Cybersecurity Skills Gap with First-of-Its-Kind University Program

Stellar Cyber Bridges Cybersecurity Skills Gap with First-of-Its-Kind University Program

Stellar Cyber’s University Program is the only invite-only program designed to meet the needs of educational organizations that provide degrees/certifications in cybersecurity and offer not-for-profit security operations services. SAN JOSE, CA – December 4, 2023 – Today, Stellar Cyber , the innovator of Open XDR technology, announced the launch of its University Program – the only invitation-only program for educational organizations that dedicate themselves to developing the next generation of cybersecurity professionals and provide not-for-profit security operations services to underserved communities.  The program includes access to technology, curriculum and security experts within the Stellar Cyber ecosystem. This program aims to help educational organizations and underserved communities, both of which lack ready access to the tools, technology and other resources required to teach and defend against cybersecurity attacks. “All too often, students graduate from college without being exposed to the fantastic career opportunities in the cybersecurity industry,” said Paul Levasseur, Vice President of Customer and Partner Enablement at Stellar Cyber. “We want to ensure that students understand the exciting and enriching opportunity that exists in cybersecurity so they can make more informed decisions about their future.” In addition to enabling educational organizations to train future cybersecurity professionals, the University Program helps those students provide much-needed cybersecurity services to communities that lack the budget and resources to build and maintain a security operations team. In 2023, the cybersecurity skills gap has emerged as a critical issue, casting a shadow over the escalating turf of online threats and cyber conflicts. As technology advances, so does the complexity of cyberwarfare, transcending geographical boundaries and involving various entities, both allies and adversaries. This widening gap in cybersecurity expertise is particularly concerning in the face of evolving challenges, highlighting the urgent need for comprehensive solutions to bridge this disparity and fortify defences against the diverse range of cyber threats emanating from all corners of the globe. “Attackers look for targets that cannot easily defend themselves,” Levasseur added. “Our hope is to ensure that these previously underserved communities get the protection they deserve.” The University Program includes the following: Enablement : Stellar Cyber provides its Open XDR Security Operations platform to educational institutions so they can use it to prepare students for security operations careers. Curriculum: Stellar Cyber provides Open XDR and cybersecurity courseware for instructor-led training and access to on-demand course content that illustrates how to use the Stellar Cyber platform to optimize threat detection, investigation and response. Training and Certification: Students learn to use the latest security technology (including SIEM, NDR, UEBA, and more) to investigate cyber threats. Students may also participate in the Stellar Cyber Certification Program to achieve additional distinction for attaining security operations expertise. Internships and Job Opportunities: Students qualify for Stellar Cyber customer and partner community internships. Mentorship: Students can seek advice and coaching by industry experts from Stellar Cyber and its community. Licensing for Educational Lab Environments and (Not-for-Profit) Operations: Licensing includes virtual appliances and software that may be hosted in the educational institution’s on-premises or cloud environment. Special Discounts and Services for Stellar Cyber Products for Other Security Operations: Special educational license discounts are available for other campus-wide security operations requirements. Press and Promotional Opportunities: Stellar Cyber collaborates with educational institutions to promote them, their students and associated partners who achieve cybersecurity excellence through participation in the Stellar Cyber University Partnership program. “Stellar Cyber is proud to offer this comprehensive, collaborative education program free of charge for those training our cyber warriors of the future,” said Jim O’Hara, Chief Revenue Officer at Stellar Cyber. “We are honoured to do our part to help shrink the worldwide cybersecurity skills gap and provide security services to communities in need. It’s our objective to scale as broadly as possible and to assist universities as they prepare their graduates to enter the cybersecurity workforce.” For more information about the Stellar Cyber University Partnership Program contact [email protected]. Contact: Daniela Asaf InBoundJunction Ltd. [email protected] 351-666-0130 RELATED


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