What is a Blended Attack?

Blended attacks combine multiple threats into a single attack to leave a networked computer completely compromised. Normal cyber attacks tend to have only one attack vector, but blended attacks will use multi-pronged strikes to exploit any vulnerabilities. Security and IT personnel have a difficult time trying to deal with a blended attack as they hit with great speed and inflict widespread damage.

Blended threats are capable of performing many different actions, including damaging and deleting critical files to stealing login credentials and crashing the company network.These attacks can also use multiple modes of transportation. Instead of spreading via email, a blended virus could use email, peer-to-peer networks, and even search engines.

For example, a blended attack could launch a DDoS attack, use a Trojan to install a rootkit, and simultaneously infect the server while staying undetected.

Protection Against Blended Attacks

The only way to stop a multifaceted threat is to have a multi-layered solution that combines encryption, firewall, anti-malware, and intrusion prevention capabilities. This type of combined solution is required to defend against threats, but also detect them. To do this, everything from monitoring and alerts to incident response and reporting is automated.

Once you have a good security process in place, the next step is to have a backup and recovery plan in case your data becomes unusable or inaccessible. At ActiveImage, we will be able to advise and provide you with the best solutions that will protect you data, as well as help put your business together again after disaster strikes.

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