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vStandby AIP: add-on module to ActiveImage Protector

2 Minute downtime – Near-line availability

Creates and maintains dormant Virtual Standby Replica’s (VSR) of physical or virtual source machines on Hyper-V or VMware virtual environments. vStandby is the cost-effective solution that ensures continued data protection for your mission-critical servers.

Flexibility & performance

Works alongside ActiveImage Protector and can be installed on any machine on the network. Choose which protected VM or physical machines are critical and create standby virtual machines ready to boot in case of disaster.

Instant availability for Windows and Linux source machines

Create standby virtual machines of all Windows and Linux machines’ backups on the network with one single vStandby AIP license to ensure you can be up and running in no time.

Use the Standby Virtual Machine in VMware or Hyper-V

vStandby AIP supports the paid and free licence versions of VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V. See the documentation for complete details.

Revive physical machines in no time

Restore a vStandby virtual machine, including all the changes made while in operation, back to the original physical hardware if needed.

Standby Virtual Machine is automatically updated

Standby Virtual Machines (SVM) are automatically updated when incremental files are added to your backup chain. Choose a Point-in-Time to boot in case of disaster. You can even change it afterwards should you have booted the affected machine.


  • Asynchronous replicas sent directly to a VMware ESXi or Hyper-V host
    Your physical and virtual machines’ backups are replicated directly to an ESXi or Hyper-V host (please specify your preference when ordering), creating dormant standby virtual machines that are ready for instant switch-over should the source machine fail.
  • Multiple recovery points
    Choose any boot point you want to use when booting a vStandby machine on a regular VMware ESXi and Microsoft Hyper-V hosts. For the free version of ESXi, vStandby will always boot from the latest boot point taken.
  • Non-intrusive failover testing
    vStandby machines can be boot-tested without interrupting your switch-over process, ensuring your peace of mind.

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