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Companies of all sizes using virtual servers or workstations. VMs in VMware, Citrix Xen, VirtualBox. 

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Protect your Windows and Linux VMs on any Hypervisors with ActiveImage Protector Virtual editions

  • Automatic backup of individual Windows & Linux VMs

    Supports latest technologies and legacy OSes to protect older and newest virtual machines with automatic backup schedule every 5 minutes for minimal data loss.

  • Automated backup recoverability testing

    Not only backup creation is automatically verified but backup content too with included free add-on tools, ImageBoot and ImageCenter LE add-ons.

  • High speed recovery of files and folders

    Mount a backup image to retrieve files, folders and other data in seconds.

  • Inline deduplication for storage space saving

    Save storage space with on-the-fly deduplication for each of your virtual machines.

  • Restore an entire virtual machine

    Restore your virtual machine to the same or a different host or hypervisor.

  • Restore entire hosts with the Unlimited Edition

    Supported Windows hosts can be restored at any time on similar or dissimilar hardware with all its protected VMs with ActiveImage Protector Virtual – Unlimited Edition.

  • Flexible Licensing

    3 versions of ActiveImage Protector Virtual are available in order to fit with your IT infrastructure. Protect a single VM or all VMs on your host or even virtual machines across multiple hosts.

  • Unlimited replication targets

    Includes ImageCenter LE to protect your backups with onsite and offsite replication to an unlimited number of target destinations.

Different versions of ActiveImage Protector Virtual to suit your needs and infrastructure

Versions of ActiveImage Protector Virtual ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition – Single ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition – Cloud ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition – Unlimited
GUEST VM SUPPORT Protect 1 Windows or Linux VM. Protect up to 5 Windows or Linux VMs. Protect an unlimited number of Windows and Linux VMs.
AGENT Agent-based. Installation on the protected VM. Agent-based. Installation on each VM. Agent-based. Installation on each VM.
DESCRIPTION Multiple licenses can be used on several VMs, independent of the host(s). Host agnostic. The protected VMs can be located on different hosts. The protected VMs are located on the same host.
HOST SUPPORT Not protected. Not protected. Windows Server hosts are protected.

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