Do you have Backup and Recovery for Your Mobile?

A man uses his phone while working on his laptop.

Laptops, tablets, smartphones and any other mobile devices make everything possible from reading the news to working online while traveling. Thanks to smartphone technology, it has become easy for business people to work on the go, keep up to date with business affairs and access sensitive data no matter their location.

Although highly beneficial for most businesses, this technology also opens up a business to new risks and threats that are unique to mobile devices.

The Danger of Going Mobile

Here are a few of the risks and threats that can affect your business when you use mobile devices:

  • Your mobile device is easy to pick up and go, which is the main reason it is so convenient. However, this feature also allows criminals to simple steal your device and collect the data.
  • As these devices are out and about with you, they can suffer physical and water damage.
  • They are more likely to be forgotten on public transport or in a public bathroom.
  • When you are working out of the office on your mobile devices, you are not protected by your company’s corporate security or IT help.

The Importance of Backup and Recovery for Your Mobile

There are many ways in which your mobile device can become a risk, and it is important for your business to recognize the threat and act before a disaster strikes. It is just as easier, perhaps easier, to target a mobile device, than an office computer as criminals know that most businesses do not protect their mobile devices.

Therefore, it’s critical for your business to have a mobile backup and recovery solution to protect mobile devices from cyber attacks, as well as restore data quickly from anywhere in the world to avoid business downtown and the distribution of sensitive data.

Learn more about backup and recovery solutions by contacting ActiveImage today! We will make sure the risk of a mobile device does not outweigh its convenience.

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