MSPs: How Are Your Clients Backing Up Their Virtual Machines?

Virtualization and cloud computing is becoming more and more popular among smaller corporations. The implementation of these tactics may leave a company exposed without a proper backup plan. It is important to not just back up the data being processed by virtual machines, but also to back up the virtual machines themselves.

Virtual machines (VMs) process and store all the data in a virtual ecosystem, and therefore, it is important to back them up with efficient systems.

A backup of the entire VM ecosystem needs to include the ability to go back to the last and most recent state of the virtual machines. Additionally, the service instances, the software installed in the VMs like a particular application server, also needs to be backed up.

ActiveImage can offer your clients complete peace of mind by protecting their Windows and Linux VMs on any Hypervisors with ActiveImage Protector Virtual editions.

Why Choose ActiveImage Protector Virtual Edition?

This ActiveImage Protector Virtual supports the latest technologies and legacy OSes to protect older and the latest virtual machines with automatic backups that are scheduled every 5 minutes, ensuring a minimal amount of data loss.

Great backup systems also need great recovery times and automated recoverability testing.
The ActiveImage Protector Virtual retrieves files, folders and other data in seconds, as well as automatically verifies backup creation and content.

Restoration has never been easier, as a client’s virtual machine can be restored to the same or a different host or hypervisor. With ActiveImage Protector Virtual – Unlimited Edition, Windows hosts can be restored at any time on similar or dissimilar hardware with all its protected VMs.

In fact there are three versions of ActiveImage Protector Virtual that are available, each one providing different solutions in order to fit with a client’s IT infrastructure. Our options allow MSPs to protect a single VM or all VMs on a host or even virtual machines across multiple hosts.

The different versions of ActiveImage Protector Virtual also includes ImageCenter LE to protect backups with onsite and offsite replication to an unlimited number of target destinations.

To top it all off, your clients will never have to worry about storage space with on-the-fly deduplication for each of their virtual machines.

Contact ActiveImage today to add ActiveImage Protector Virtual to your portfolio.

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