MSPs: What You Need to Know about ActiveVisor

What is ActiveVisor?

ActiveVisor is the enterprise management solution for ActiveImage Protector.

Why Should You Want a Management Solution?

A centralized structure gives IT staff better oversight and can make routine tasks easier.
Industry-specific IT regulations can easily be adhered to when there is a central point of management or simple management solution.
A management solution for IT leads to better knowledge-sharing and cooperation between clients.

What can ActiveVisor Can Do for You?

ActiveVisor monitors task status, execution, and agent status. It can display task execution logs for managed clients and provides pre-emptive information. For example, if there is insufficient space for efficient storage management, a notification will be received. In the event of a system failure, ActiveVisor provides table views illustrating where the failure occurred, so the affected system can be recovered quickly.

Besides keeping you up to date and aware of any changes in the system, ActiveVisor also keeps you on top of your responsibilities. The centralized management of ActiveImage Protected clients, displays product key information, lists licensed client machines and re-assigns licenses as needed, so you will never have to worry about product licences again.

Another feature of the ActiveVisor is the Push Installer. This feature finds unprotected machines in the domain or workgroup and remotely pushes ActiveImage Protector to the client machine.

ActiveVisor is Free!

ActiveImage is a free add-on included in the installer of both the ActiveImage Protector trial and full software package.

Added MSP Benefits

Clients can be grouped for management purposes and predefined scheduled templates can be used to deploy a pattern-based backup schedule to batches of clients. If a client has specific needs, they can be re-grouped and their schedule can be configured to their individual requirements.

For more information on ActiveVisor, get in contact with ActiveImage today!

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