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10 Reasons to choose ActiveImage

Instantly Recover physical and virtual machines

RTO (1) < 5 min — Your systems and company are operational in a few minutes should a disaster strike.

Reduce data loss with incremental backups every 5 min

RPO (2) < 5 min — Limit the impact of outage by backing up to 12 times an hour. Users and employees are not affected by this background process.

Protect mixed physical & virtual environments

Cover all your systems: Windows & Linux machines in physical or any virtual environments such as VMware and Citrix Xen, or use our host-based solution for Hyper-V.

Simply replicate your backups onsite, offsite and in the Cloud for free

Replicate to any offsite or Cloud location like a datacenter, an Amazon S3 target, another office, or simply to nother local target or a network location via (secure) FTP and WebDAV. Manage also your backup retention policy and consolidate your backup chains to ensure a smooth, reliable and fast restore.

Test the recoverability of your backups anywhere, at any time!

Boot a recovered machine in 2 minutes from any full or incremental backup file and see with your own eyes that you are DisasterReady. Test and apply your Business Continuity strategy and ensure backups are working in a couple of minutes.

Flexible restore, migration and failback

P2P, P2V, V2V, V2P — Use it across any platforms.

Unparalleled performance & deduplication

Saves money by reducing onsite storage space and Cloud hosting costs with our sector-based deduplication. Our deduplication is inline and has minimal impact on backup and restore performance, unlike other solutions on the market.

Affordable, even for SMBs

We believe any organisation should be able to restore their backups as soon as possible to reduce downtime and its impact on productivity. We offer Instant availability solutions to access your data and systems in a few minutes at a fraction of the cost of High Availability solutions.

Add Instant Disaster Recovery to existing backup solution

Your backup solution takes ages to restore a system? Don’t worry, our vStandby Instant Availability solution recovers your system in less than 5 minutes alongside your existing solution!

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