Hyper-V Backup Tactics Every MSP Should Know

If you are an MSP offering Hyper-V backup to your customers, any oversight on your part can prove to be quite costly. Therefore, you need to make sure you can offer your clients the best backup strategy.

What Your Hyper-V Backup Strategy Should Include

  • A special backup software should be used instead of using scripts for backing up on virtual machines. Scripts lack essential capabilities, such as error detection, and file verification, which make it an outdated practice.
  • Although virtual platforms are free from physical limitations, they should be regularly backed up so that the client has a recent record of their data if there is a crash or software malfunction.
  • Virtual disks should not be expanded often as this can slow down the backup process.
  • It is very important that the host and Hyper-V machine communicate effectively, therefore they should be updated regularly.
  • You should choose a compression mode that suits the amount of data you want to backup and the hardware you have.
  • Staying on top of Windows updates are important to protect servers and weed out any reported bugs that are fixed in the improved update.

If your current strategy does not include the above tactics, you will want to consider adding the ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise to your portfolio.

What You Can Expect from the ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise

  • Backup for all VMs without having to install an agent on each guest machine.
  • Save storage space with a deduplication across all VMs
  • Manage all ActiveImage Protector licences from a single network console
  • Replication to single or multiple locations onsite, offsite or into the Cloud.
  • Scheduled recovery point objectives every 5 minutes using agentless backup.
  • Restore individual or multiple VMs
  • Restore and migrate one or more VMs directly to the same host or to a different Hyper-V host with new or dissimilar hardware.
  • Backups to all VMs and the host.

For more information on the ActiveImage Protector Hyper-V Enterprise, contact us today!

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